Well, friends, you've come to the end of yet another issue of Legends Magazine. As usual, I must say that I hope this issue was thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to hear from some of you about it. It doesn't take much to put pen to paper, friends (if I can do it, anybody can). So send in any comments you may have. Anything at all and you know where to send it (if you don't look at page 2 (DUH!)). I'd like to know what you think (I'm an inquiring mind). Go ahead! Write! I dare you!

Well, anyway, you all probably want to know what to expect in issue 35. Of course there'll be plenty of spacers. There'll even be a few reprints. Ace's work will once again appear on the cover. Also, another set of his lyrics, entitled "This is the Zodiac Speaking…" will appear. Also, the Albinor Chronicles returns with Chapter 13, "Black Rain." Hope it is enjoyed, so see y'all next time…

Peace and fare thee well from your friendly, neighborhood CELTIC…

OCT. 5, 1993
7:53 PM