Editor's Notes

Hello again, readers, and welcome once again to Legends Magazine. I know that once again things have been shifting from the AD&D scope, but I've had so many reprints to run out. I still have more to run, but I've managed to push through most of them. So, I promise you, the magazine will once again be shifting back to AD&D & fantasy.

Coming soon will be further chapters of the high acclaimed Albinor Chronicles and Songs of Albinor. Steele returns with the continuing saga of "The Last Warrior" and still more of his poetry. Ace's work will continue on future covers and you can look forward to some full page illustrations and songs form him as well. Shadowrunner will continue on with his poems. And I will bring you poetry, songs, essays and more. Keep the good work coming and, above all, keep reading…

Sep. 28, '93, 3:00PM