By Marcus Pan

"Yo. Listen up. I'm about to tell you who we are. Kick it!"


Listen up, you, bout' to tell you who we are.
While I'm kickin' it live and gonna push it real far.
Fixin' the mixin' that rises up to the stars.
Punchin' it, crunchin' it, cracking bass real hard.
New ground, new sound, no idea what's in store.
Get a little taste of it and you'll be running back for more.
To rock the mike, only reason I'm here for.
Watch all the other suckers get knocked right out the door. .


I'll tell you…PRECISION…that's our name.
Kickin', jammin', back'n forth is our game.
No other suckers can match the very same.
Cuz' this hard hittin' bass track you can't tame.
INFERNO is me and I control the mike.
Never dis' a female cuz' every lady I like.
Lyrical, symmetrical, my rhymes are out of sight.

All those other sucker can go and take a hike.


My boy, BOB, is mixin' out the back-up.
Kickin' out the bass while the rhythm just stacks up.
No need to worry when he's on the back-up.
Cuz' every other bass line he's gonna crack up.
And while he's running I bust the lyricals.
Rhyming so fine you may think it's a miracle.
You might even think my rhymes are a bit satirical.
That's right, damn straight, a little bit of a miracle.


Remember our name…Precision!
You'll hear it again…Precision!
I said remember our name…Precision!
Ain't nobody the same…Precision!