This is the Zodiac Speaking

By Ace

This is the Zodiac speaking…
You all know who I am
But you'll never catch me
I got an M.O. that is totally reeking
You see the moon and the hood
You'd better flee

This is the Zodiac speaking…
You got your pigs a-snorting
And making all their noise.
Who am I really?
In the lover's lane
Scaring all the girls and boys.

I get my pleasure
Seeing all the blood flow
And the life drain
I get my thrill
When I do my kill
I do my thing…

This is the Zodiac speaking…
Toschi can not get me
I am just too good
This is the Zodiac speaking…
I am here to stay
My bodies' in the woods

Precision ShockDon't think I'm a freakie
Or a weirdo
I'm just as insane
When the moon's just right
I'm into the night
And I do my thing…

Bates had to die
I read it in the sky

No I'm not that faggot from New York
This is the Zodiac Spaking…

Copyright (c) 1993 by Ace Music.