Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 9

By Jaken Steele

When Janik awoke, the fog had lifted and the sun was shining. As Janik began to prepare breakfast, his companions began to stir. Tyran rubbed the sleep from his eyes and spoke, "G'day, you little nose goblin."

"Bugger off!" Mylos spat back. "I've just awoke and am in no mood for your sarcasm you crazy elf."

Janik looked at his brother and as they both broke into a fit of laughter he spoke, "Some things will never change."

Breakfast was consumed, horses packed and decisions made. The four began to make the journey west. They traveled all morning and part of the afternoon in silence. They soon came upon the remains of a destroyed village. The only reason they knew it had been a village was because of its size. Everything was burned, broken and unrecognizable except for two men huddled by a camp fire some distance away. Janik and his friends dismounted and tethered the horses to what was left of the porch of a house. As they approached the fire, Janik saw the men were wide-eyed with shock and they had been crying.

The two men didn't seem to notice Janik's group. They just sat there as if they were alone. Suddenly one of them spoke. "There were so many of them…so many. We tried to fight them. We tried, but…"

"It's alright, friend." Santo said. "They'll hurt you no more."

After Mylos healed their wounds, they began to warm up to the four new friends they made. The six men talked into the night and Janik found out that the two men were Stefan and Kaylan Kobain of Kobain Castle. They also had another surprise as Janik soon found out. As they all sat around the camp fire, Stefan spoke, "The Zahn Horde destroyed or stole everything we had, except for one thing."

"And what might that be?" Mylos asked.

"This family heirloom." Stefan said as he produced a small leather pouch. From the pouch he took out a small but brilliantly lit yellow gem.

"By the gods." Mylos said.

Janik smiled as Santo asked, "Might that be what I think it is?"

"If you're thinking that it is a power gem, then you are correct." Kaylan said.

Santo grabbed at his pack like a man possessed. He reached in and pulled out a small, black, leather pouch. Without hesitation he poured the two gems into his hand. Stefan and Kaylan sat wide eyed with amazement. Santo must have known what the two brothers were thinking because before they could say a word he spoke. "Castles Randor and Fadder and I almost lost my life obtaining the damned things." As they all stared into each other's eyes, an unspeakable bond was formed. The party was now six instead of four. "This," Janik thought to himself, "is shaping up to be quite an adventure." The six men began to bed down for the night.