Make You Mine Again

By Marcus Pan

Been put on an iceberg,
And sent out to drift,
In a world that's full of pain.

Now here I am crying,
Trying to mend this rift,
Full of sorrow and all my shame.

I'm swinging so hard,
But I'm losing this fight,
And your heart I can no longer claim.

I'm looking real hard,
But you're out of sight,
What can I do to make it feel the same?

My voice is harsh from crying,
But at the top of my lungs,
I loudly call your name.

I'm being locked out,
After all that I've done,
Your love, can it ever be tamed?

What would it take so that you wouldn't go?
What could I do to make you mine again?
Don't you see how much I really love you so?
What could I do to make you mine again?

All of the sorrow,
All of the hurt,
Is building inside my mind.

I stare at your picture,
And the roses you sent,
As I remember the days behind.

You can't possibly know,
Everything I feel,
Because you can't see inside my mind.

If I lose you now,
If someone else were to steal,
A part of me would die.

I want to win you back,
But I don't know where to start,
What must I do to make you mine?

If I was made of glass,
And you could see in my heart,
You'd see what burns inside.

What can I say to make you come back here?
What could I say to make you mine again?
I'm alone and I've shed a river of tears.
What could I say to make you mine again?

Floating away,
On an ocean so deep.
Don't know what to say,
So that your love I can keep.
Wish I was sure you would stay,
I can't even sleep.
Don't walk away,
Because I've fallen so deep!