Editor's Notes

Welcome once again to another issue of Legends. In this issue Steel returns with the tenth installment of the "Last Warrior" series. The two poetic pieces within, entitled "Life's End" and "One," also were written by Steele. As a matter of fact, all original pieces in this issue are from Jaken Steele.

The cover art is once again by Ace and that is the last of the submitted clip art, so I request that somebody submit more soon. Also, where's all the things all my readers promised? The people like E-Z, Quicksilver, Wild Thing, Shrink and all the rest? Has anyone showed Legends to anyone else? Maybe people at Kappa-N.J.I.T. in Newark might like it? Or Delaware State? Or how about DDialers or Linden based RPGers? Show it around…


Feb. 8, 1994
8:15 AM