Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 10

By Jaken Steele

The six black clad warriors crept slowly toward their prey. The black cloak of the moonless night was most definitely on their side. They were about 100 yards away when their leader stopped them and whispered in a hushed tone, "There are six, not four, as our leader said, but no matter. Take one each and bring death unto them." He then motioned for them to move forward.

As they crept closer their excitement was almost too much to conceal. As they slowly unsheathed their daggers, Mylos abruptly woke up and saw what was happening. He jumped up and grabbed for his war hammer and screamed, "Zahn!" His friends woke up startled and grabbed for whatever weapons were handy at that time. They were a bit too slow, however, for Janick just had time to see Kaylan take a dagger to the chest before Mylos took out one of the Zahn with a blow to his skull. It was a heated battle. Janick and his friends fought bravely and with honor. No quarter was asked and none was given.

Janick and Santo fought back to back slashing at whatever got in their way. Santo blocked a blow from one of the Zahn and countered with one of his own. The slice almost took off the head of the Zahn enemy as blood spurted everywhere. Sooner than it started, the battle was over. Tyran looked to see Stefan standing over a fallen Zahn warrior, slashing him with blow after blow from his sword. Tyran went to stop him, but Janick grabbed his arm and said, "No. Let him vent his anger." As the blade dropped from his hands and he fell to his knees, Stefan began to weep. "We have something else to worry about," Janick said as he pointed his finger…to where Mylos lay dying.