Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The Last Warrior Chapter 11

By Jaken Steele

Santo went to comfort Stefan while Janick and Tyran ran to Mylos' side. As they knelt before Mylos, Janick spoke. "Don't move, my friend. Try to sit calm and relaxed."

"No…too…deep." Mylos looked deeply into Janick's eyes. "I…die this night."

"No!" Janick said. "We need you." A tear slowly crept from Janick's eye as Mylos weakly shook his head.

"You have…the elf." His back arched and he grabbed Tyran with a blood soaked hand. He whispered one word. "Family…" As his body sank to the ground, Tyran looked at his fallen comrade, the dwarf who had so willingly gave his life, and he knew then what had to be done.

Janick rose to find Santo and Stefan. He turned to see Santo approaching him. "Stefan is sound asleep." Santo said. "He asked that I give you this." Janick looked at his outstretched hand and saw the yellow power gem. He took it without asking why it had been given to him. "How is he?" Janick asked.

"Well, his brother is dead." Santo replied. "So he is doing about as well as could be expected." Janick could do no more but nod his head. "What of Mylos?" Santo asked. When Janick didn't reply, Santo knew his answer. The men began to bed down, but none of them slept.

Morning came to find the men awake and packed. They headed northeast toward Miniod to give Mylos and Kaylan a decent burial. They traveled most of the day before reaching the gates of the city. As they arrived, Janick asked to see the mayor. When the mayor arrived Janick said, motioning to Mylos and Kaylan, "Our friends have fallen in battle with the Zahn." As Janick tossed the mayor a gold filled bag he said, "We humbly request a decent burial." The mayor assured them he would take care of it personally.

As they began to enter the city Tyran said, "I must take leave of you my friends." Janick looked at him in shock. "Mylos' dying words meant much to me. I'm sorry…I must go."

"Will we see you again?" Santo said.

"Of course…there is strength in numbers." And without hesitation, he turned and sped off southward.