Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 14
"The Woods Come Alive"

By Marcus Pan

April 12, 003

The evil Drow squire, Jaques Hierla, walked through his unit's camp. He was the commander of a group of Drow knights 100 strong, now camped on the eastern Drow-Alfeim border. His head was bandaged and he wore no helm, for he was still recovering fro the crashing blow that Mayor Glamour Faeriewalker scored upon his head during the Battle of Drow. He fingered the longsword slung on his right side affectionately. There had been no fighting since the black rain had passed and he was hungry for battle.

A shout rang up on the northern side of camp. Hierla jumped up. A small group of wood elves crashed into the camp from the north, circling around the encampment to surprise the unwatched side. Spewing arrows into the midst, they pierced many men. The dark elves, under the command of Jaques Hierla, put up a barricade of hand-held shields and advanced upon the wood-dwellers. The wood elves surged forth brandishing such arms as gardening picks and wooden spears poorly carved from old branches. A company of drow elves snuck around through Lolth's Wood and came out upon the rear of the wood elves wreaking havoc on their enemies. 200 wood elves raided the camp sixty families from the surrounding area who lost their homes and loved ones. Shouts of pain and fear came loud, ripping the once peaceful night into shreds of battle cries and clashing steel. The drow elves fell upon the wood elves ruthlessly, slaying all in their path. They only lost two men to the wrath of the woodsmen, but of the 200 wood elves that attacked the encampment this night not a single one escaped the wrath of the dark ones that swept upon them from the north and the south. Jaques Hierla himself slew score after score of them, slicing and swinging his longsword with such precision that he hewed down man after man. And when the battle was over, the drow piled the dead wood elves in the northeastern corner of the camp whence they came. And this is where they stayed, rotting and subjected to the preying carrion eaters of the dense forest. And also as a sign an example to any others who attempt to waylay the might of Calds and Drow.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 39.