Love Lost, Love Gained

By Marcus Pan

Dedicated to Lady Mayfield…

I went through hell,
I felt the pain.
Love has dealt me,
A life of shame.

I lost my will,
I lost the fight.
I closed my arms,
And shut them tight.

I held my head low,
And walked away.
Every time I saw,
Love come my way.

My eyes held shut,
I kept them tight.
Vowing to never,
Look to the light.

But then I saw your face.
The pain, the hurt from me you chased.
Once again I could see.
Yet still I don't know what I can believe.
I've seen it before…

I fought my eyes,
But they wouldn't close.
To gaze upon you,
Is what they chose.

I was afraid,
I felt the fear.
My heart in my hands,
I held back a tear.

My arms opened,
Around you they close.
They felt your warmth,
They'll never let go.

Hearing your voice,
In my ear.
You in my arms,
I let go of that tear.

Now that I have your love.
I won't let go, will never give up.
You've taught a blind man to see again.
Oh baby, do you understand?
You've opened up the door…

Always with you…
Where I belong…
I know it's true…
Listen to my song…

Love Lost, Love Gained
I'll never let go of your heart…
Love Lost, Love Gained
I no longer stand in the dark.
Love Lost, Love Gained
Once again, I see the light…
Love Lost, Love Gained
I will never lose this fight…
Love Gained…
'Cuz now I have you…