Why Hate the New Kids?

Here are ten good reasons to hate the N.K.O.T.B. as found in Weekly World News:

1. There are just too many of them.

2. Goofy-toothed grinning that makes you queasy and they smile too much.

3. Stupid hair.

4. After they disband, they'll make a bunch of solo albums that will clog the air-waves. We'll never have peace.

5. They're so clumsy they fall off the stage.

6. Their pickup lines are lame. "Step One: We can have lots of fun." Huh?

7. The making of hundreds of thousands of products that are harmful to the environment.

8. They inspire whining children to write poorly written hate mail to corporations like MTV.

9. They suck all their fans' parents' hard-earned money out of their wallets and replace it with plastic dolls, key chains, and buttons.

10. Invent your own problem, unless your creativity has been reduced to mush by Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Joe.