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Wishes can cause great problems if not handled properly. The DM must see that wishes are reasonably limited or the balance and enjoyment of the game can be completely upset. The DM should not allow wishes that alter the basics of the game (such as a wish that dragons can't breathe for damage). The more unreasonable and greedy the wish is, the less likely that the wish will become reality. For example, if a character wishes for a magical weapon to fight werewolves attacking the party, this is reasonable, and a plus 1 sword could appear, disappearing when the fight is over. If a player wishes for a life draining sword, it also might appear, but in the hands of a fearsome opponent.

The wording of a wish is very important and may greatly alter the results. Wishing for more wishes will certainly place the character in an endless time loop, forever repeating the acquisition and use of the wish. However, wishing that certain monsters had never attacked, or that a certain deadly blow had never landed, are acceptable and good uses of wishes.