The Beholder

By Johnathan A. Parker

The day is cold with bigots' ice,
And hot with racist brands.
But I say are we men or mice,
Do we fight in angry bands?

Why do we not see the heart,
Why not see deep into the soul?
In racist fights do we take part,
Do we add to the cold?

Does a person with one color gain
Rights above another?
Do we attack and put in pain
One who we could call brother?

Three attack a helpless man
Who did not start the fight.
They would not even let him stand
To fight their worthless might.

Five cops subdue an unarmed man,
With clubs of wood and steel.
Do we not fight in angry bands?
When will we learn to heal?

I say now that this will end,
Yet the bigots' ice gets colder.
But I myself will not kill my kin
Because it's all in the eye of the beholder.