I'll See You There

By Marcus Pan

You've done it again,
And I'm not surprised.
I was fooled once again,
Because I looked in your eyes.

For such a long time,
I let you play with my head.
You finished playing your game,
And now I'm dead.

You've finished your game,
And said all your lies.
Then you simply took off,
Looking for bluer skies.

You were never in love,
That's what you said.
But my laugh will come last,
As through Hell you tread.

Not a soul on Earth,
Will love you like I.
You'll learn the hard way,
And then you're going to cry.

Then you'll probably try,
To come crawling back to me.
But the blindfold is now off
And now I can see.

I won't be there,
To dry your eyes.
You'll only stab me again,
Just like the last five times.

You'll be floating alone,
On an ocean so deep.
And you'll deserve it all,
Because that's what you did to me.

Someday you'll wake up and see,
No one will love you quite like me.
Go through life and play your games,
Someday you'll get hit by the same.
You'll burn the next time you play with fire,
That's what happens to little liars.
You've never learned how to play fair,
You'll go to Hell, I'll see you there!

Everything that you said,
It was nothing but shit.
I've come to the conclusion,
That you're full of it.

You're such a good actress,
Calling up your fake tears.
Never seen one as good as you,
In all my years.

You have a great aim,
And it's my heart you've hit.
And you say you still love me,
But I'll believe none of it.

I was such a fool,
To let you come so near.
You drained me of my feelings,
And you played upon my fear.

You think you can do better with a possessive drunk?
Go and give a try, baby, and I'll watch you be sunk.
Turn around and place the blame wholly on me,
Like I'm the cause of all your damn misery.
You build and walk in your very own mire,
And I just can't wait to watch you feel the fire.
You'll learn soon, this I swear,
And as you walk through Hell, I'll see you there!

You can read me out loud,
As if I were a book.
And you can make me bleed,
With nothing more than a look.

How could I have been,
Such a stupid fool?
I trusted and believed,
In the likes of you.

A thief of hearts,
You're the worst kind of crook.
My mind you've twisted,
And my heart you've took.

So smooth, so cold,
And so very cruel.
Your claws are sharp as razors,
And they're your favorite tool.