Editor's Notes

HeartWell, I'm back. This issue we return to Albinor (at least it's not as damn hot there as it is in Jersey). You will visit a new country in Chapter 16, so check it out.

Break for an anecdote. Steph from Cage says he's tired of hearing me talk about snow. So, to Steph:


I guess he forgot I'm the editor…

I also wanted to say that if any of the Cage(+d) guys ever feel they have a streak of imagination (Bahahahaha…uh…sorry) feel free to submit something to this little pile of paper I sometimes refer to as a magazine. Can't wait to see the piece from SKORPION.

Essays, fantasy, spacers, more so read on…

I Ride (at least until the Afterword)!


Marcus Pan
May 23, 1994
10:38 PM