Steele's Eye View

By Jaken Steele


Marcus Pan and I were engaged in conversation some time ago when Pan said to me, "Steele, what kind of people do you think read Legends?"

Now instead of answering my brother intelligently, all I could do was stammer out a "What the fuck do I know?" I have since found out that you shouldn't follow a question of Pan's with another question…I got Pan to begin thinking. So he comes up with the idea to ask you, the readers.

So we wanna know just what kind of people out there read what we do. What type of persons read Legends? We're not asking for much, just some basic info on yourselves. Stuff like age, name, hobbies, anything you find interesting about yourselves or the world around you, why you read Legends, etc. In return Pan and I will try to write a personal response to your letters. To those of you who feel a phone call would be more to your liking, we shall attempt that also. Either way we'll try to acknowledge all the mail we receive. We look forward to hearing from you all. Peace and fare thee well.

I Ride!

Jaken Steele