The Will to Succeed

By Benny Hill

They said that it could not be done
He said just let me try
They said that the other men have tried and failed
And he answered but not I
They said it is impossible
He said there is no such word
He closed his mind, he closed his heart
To everything he heard
He said within the heart of a man
There is a tiny seed
It grows 'till it blossoms; it's called
The will to succeed
Its roots are strength, its stem is hope
Its petal inspiration
Its thorns protect its strong green leaves
Its grim determination
Its stemens are its skills which help to
Shape each plan
For there is nothing in the universe beyond the
Scope of man
They thought it could not be done
Some said they knew it
But he faced up to what could not be done
And he couldn't bloody do it!