Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 16
"Wizards of Glantri"

By Marcus Pan

August 18, 003

Jerle Crandor walked around the bend of Dakon River. There before him stood a tall tower flashing brightly in the noon-day sun, rising into the sky and pointing to the clouds above like a mail-clad finger. Nestled in the mountains in the west of Glantri on the northern side of Dakon River, it is clearly one of the most majestic and powerful structures in all of Albinor. This is the tower of Wizard Krandor Dakon, one of the five High-Mage Princes of Glantri, who is fabled to be the most powerful mage in Albinor. The Wizard, Jerle Crandor, was also one of the High-Mage Princes and to Dakon Tower he has come to have council with the other mage princes of the country. He reached the tower slightly after noon and was welcomed by a servant of the tower. Most of the rooms within were locked. To the third upper level he was lead. Jerle was the last to arrive and the others quickly responded, seating themselves around the large, oaken table in the council halle on the third floor. Four of Glantri's High-Mage Princes were here Wizard Garron Koluna from Koluna Castle, Wizard Kralourna Shakrun from Shakrun Tower, Wizard Peleus Kaliried from Kali-Koun Castle and, lastly, Wizard Jerle Crandor from Crandor Castle. Wizard Krandor Dakon, master of this tower, was not present. The meeting was quickly underway with Koluna's opening words.

"I have summoned you all here and not to my castle for a purpose. I hope you all made it here in relative safety and without hardships too extensive. Now, whether you have heard or nay, the wizard, Dakon, has been missing for some months. He went off on his oft-done travels and never returned. Therefore, I fear that Albinor's greatest wizard may very well have succumbed to the terrors of the Wilde." A smile gently played across Wizard Shakrun's lips. "I have assumed so and therefore called you here to divvy up the vault contents of Dakon. A total, even amount of 59,000 pieces of gold was contained therein leaving 14,750 in gold for each of us." A number of servants gave to each prince a large chest filled with the gold. Koluna continued. "Now the tower will be cleared of life and locked until someone worthy of it's claim comes forth. Now we will continue with another order of business whilst we are gathered. I believe Peleus has something to speak of."

"Wait!" cried Shakrun. "What of Dakon's Book of Spells?"

"That was not found, Shakrun. I assumed it was with him at the time of his demise." said Garron.

"This can not be. 'Tis the most extensive and powerful book of magic in Albinor, to be sure. It can not be lost." A faint, lustful glimmer shown in Kralourna's eyes.

"Not any longer, for it is no longer here. Where it is I do not know." Koluna fixed him with a stern gaze. Shakrun seated himself. "Go on Peleus."

"On my passage here I passed two camps." began Peleus Kaliried. "One great encampment of orcs and another of giants of stone. Both are in the mountains between the rivers Kari-Nim and Dakon, north of here. I believe they pose a threat."

"I have decided," said Garron Koluna, "to take out a force of a hundred-strong and assault these encampments. I will lead them knights of Glantri. Any objections?" No words were passed. "Meeting adjourned, princes. Thank you for coming." Koluna rose and the others did also. They filed from the halle and went to their guesst chambers on the second level.

Once alone in his room, Koluna reached beneath his bed and pulled forth a bulky object wrapped in cloth. He carefully removed the cloth. What he held was a large, grey book. Runes on the cover translated to: "Spellbook, Krandor Dakon of Glantri."

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 42.