Editor's Notes

Welcome once again to yet another issue of Legends. On this issue's cover we debut our newest artist, Skorpion. It's a beautiful piece, indeed, and I am hoping to see more from this talented lady.

Well, we get deep in the fantasy setting this month with returns of my two series, Albinor Chronicles Chapter 17 and Songs of Albinor Number 10. Steele is back as well with The Last Warrior Chapter 12.

On the page opposite this one, we see Ace has tried his hand at writing with fairly good results. I would like to see more of both his writing and his art.

Well, enjoy Legends No. 43!!!

HeartCardMarcus Pan
JULY 3, 1994,
12:51 A.M.

P.S. Have a happy 4th of July!

And don't blow your hand off!