Solitary Confinement

By Marcus Pan

Sociological boundaries,
These I can not cross.
Like the red tape in beauracracies,
Without them you'd all be lost.

Forced out by you on my ass,
By a society of the spiteful.
They say I have no class,
Ain't it so fucking delightful?

Ruling the world with their fists,
Preaching the rules of conformance.
They have their own black lists,
But I have my own rules of performance.

Labels is what they tag on me,
They say I'm strange and I'm weird.
When I step up who knows what you'll see,
Can it be I'm really feared?

I've been trapped and confined,
In my own world and place.
Entrapment of the solitary kind,
Block the outcast, don't show his face.
He doesn't belong, he's a disgrace.
Lock me up behind a door,
And hope I'm never seen.
If you can't conform, you're heard no more,
The bad from society you claim to clean.
And to many the bad is me!

They only see what I wear,
And the fact that I don't conform.
About my feelings they never care,
Who's to say what's the norm?

Different I'm labeled, strange I'm called,
Associate not with me.
The judgement is passed, they laid down the law,
Cover the blemish, hope I'm not seen.

Nothing can change what society believes,
If you're not a monkey you don't belong.
Don't make a difference how right you can be,
You're branded an outcast and you don't belong.

Follow the piper to your doom,
Dancing and prancing along.
The righteous who don't have a clue,
The clue you need is in this song.


Diversity can make you strong,
But a warped view of life you perceive.
The rules say if you don't belong,
You must be brought down to your knees.

But I never knelt, I will stand tall,
And I will never go down.
You are the ones who will fall,
And in the end I'll still be around.