Rants & Essays

Contents Of a Stressed Mind

By Ace

StressIt's hard to think of one thing when you don't want to think at all. A lot of thoughts pour into the mind, most of them tied by a central thought. Desire, fantasy; why bother fantasizing over something that you know (or want to believe you know) you're never going to get? But you do know there is some possibility; nothing is impossible beyond the scope of man. You just don't want it to happen. It wouldn't be proper; you feel a little bit selfish. So you lay below your fantasies. It is a bit safer in your mind. It is not unpredictable and it could turn out nice and happy; the way you want it.

But what if things start happening? Would you go through with it and feel guilty or deny yourself something that might or should be? After considerable soul searching you arrive at a conclusion that you are just as confused as you were when you started. Hmmm…