Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 18
"Glantri Battle Orcanian"

By Marcus Pan

August 20, 003

The Glantri-Giants Battle was a hard-won battle, but Koluna's men recovered quickly and moved on the next morning heading north once more. It wasn't long before they saw smoke in the distance on a small rise at the foot of a great mountain. It was still drizzling and Garron concluded that it would probably continue for most of the day. The men marched on, now out of the pass and in ranks of ten. They still numbered 85 strong and headed quietly for the smoke.

Upon reaching the rise in the mountain slope there was a rustle in the bushes. A loud shout rang up and the men saw a group of pig faces peering over the edge of the rise. More shouts and clamors of metal rose. They had quickly found the orc camp about four hours after setting out in the morn. The drizzling began to pick up and the wind did as well. Garron shouted for his men to charge and that they did. Garron rode in the lead on a riding horse, flames and fire shooting forth from his fingertips to scorch the unwary orc that got in his way. The armies clashed together. The orcs had grown in strength since Peleus saw them, now nearly 200 strong. But Garron's men were well-trained and well-armed, the orcs wielding crude spears and splintered clubs at the sword-bearing knights. Garron began to race around the battlefield administering cures and healing where needed as he was not trained to engage in melee combat and did not wear anything more than the fine robe that flowed down his body. Although he did occasionally raise his hands to scorch an unwary orc that attempted to hinder the curing of his knights.

The battle raged on, the orcs slowly falling before the well-trained knights of Glantri. However fierce they were it wasn't long before the orcs began to run off, fleeing down the mountainside in all directions. They ran swiftly on foot from the knights that chased quickly behind waving their longswords in the air. Most were slain, but some did manage to get away. By noon-time the drizzling still wore on and the battle had drawn to a conclusion. The knights of Glantri had won against the band of orcs. Garron dismissed all his men to search out and kill any more orcs that roamed the lands as well as any other foul creatures they came upon. They did so, raging across the land in bands of ten or more. Garron headed back to Dakon Tower to lock it with the other wizards that awaited his return. His men left, seeking out the last of the orcs and thenceforth heading home themselves.

Garron's ride to Dakon Tower after the Glantri Battle Orcanian was uneventful and took him barely four days of travel. The drizzling continued until about noon the next day. He reached the tower and met with the other wizards that awaited him. He brought them the good news of the victories, but also told them of the losses they had faced. Though they were great victories they were not without sacrifice. The giants had taken fifteen of their men's lives while the orcs took ten. This left 75 men to head home from the battles. These battles, especially the Glantri-Giants Battle, would not be forgotten too quickly.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 44.