I Want to Hold You in the Night

By Marcus Pan

I want to hold you in the night,
Cuddle up with you in my arms.
You are the one that scares away the fright,
With your beauty and your charm.

I want to hold you after the light,
Has gone at the end of day.
You, my love, are a beautiful sight,
And with you I'll always stay.

You've brought pride into my heart,
That's what I feel when I'm with you.
From your arms I'll never part,
Someday, with a ring, I'll prove this true.

This night I'll fill with much romance,
For you chose to spend it with me.
And I'll do it again, just take a chance,
If by my side you'll always be.

HeartI want to make your dreams come true,
As you have done with mine.
There is nothing I wouldn't try to do,
For you to keep till the end of time.

I want to hold you in the night,
I'll do my best not to make you cry.
I'll pull you close and hold you tight,
Come closer, baby, don't be shy.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 44.