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Women: I Don't Understand Why…

By Jaken Steele

SymbolAs I sit here in my room listening to Danzig, smoking a Marlboro and drinking a bottle of the on sale special at the liquor store, I got to thinking about girls. I just recently split up with my girlfriend and right now life seems to look kind of bleak. Splitting up was not my choice; it was hers. She says the reason she decided to end our "relationship" is because I'm "too nice." Huh? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think it was possible to be "too nice." If anyone out there can tell me how it is possible to be "too nice," I'd be grateful if a letter with an explanation arrived in the mail.

I just can't seem to understand girls. I don't think that most guys understand the female mentality, but there's a reason for that. There's no type of education on understanding females for guys. I mean the government doesn't send you a small pamphlet when you hit puberty. Your parents sure ain't any fucking road map and if you listen to your friends you're even more confused than when you started. Hell, even I'm still confused and I've been around the block a few times.

I've talked to a lot of my friends and we came up with a few questions that we'd like to ask the females of America…

1) If a girl wants a guy who's going to treat them good, why stay with a guy who is a total loser?
2) When a girl finds a guy who cares about her and wants to do things for her, why does she leave him after a month or two?
3) If she finds a nice guy, why does he always hear, "You're a sweet, considerate, caring guy, but…"

It seems to me that if a girl finds a guy who treats her with kindness and respect, that she'd be happy as hell.

From my experience, it seems that most girls want a guy who is gorgeous, built, has money, is kind, caring and considerate. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint the ladies of America, but this ain't Fantasy fucking Island. You can't have everything. So what if a guy isn't that good-looking? Give him a chance and you just might find someone who is going to be a prince.

SymbolNow if I've offended any females out there, I'm very sorry. As I sit here writing this, I realize that I'm very bitter about what has happened (so sue me). I've got feelings just like everyone else and they don't need to be stepped on. I don't want to make it seem like I hate girls for what they put me through. It's just that I don't understand why girls do what they do. I guess if I had all the answers to everything, then maybe I could run for God. I don't know everything, though, so I guess that makes me just as clueless as 90% of the other people in this world.

If anyone has any comments or feelings about what I've written, then feel free to contact me…

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Any questions or comments anyone might have would be most appreciated. Replies to this would be answered personally or in Legends, whichever you prefer.

Thanks for letting me blow off steam.

Jaken Steele