Editor's Notes

Well, friends, Woodstock was quite an experience. I had a great time. Nine Inch Nails kicked ass!

Anyway, in this issue we touch on technology with some reprints from John C. Dvorak and Ron White. "Thoughts From the Torture Chamber," Steele's new humor piece, kicks off in this issue with "Food." And I hope you enjoyed my morbid poetry on the previous pages.

HeartFour years ago this month, Legend No. 1 came out featuring the first of a three-part series entitled "D&D: Only a Game? Answer: Yes!" Destined to be three issues in length and used as a driver for that series I wrote, popular demand called for a continuance. Now, four years and 45 issues later, here we are. ENJOY!

Peace and read on…

Marcus Pan
August 28, 1994

P.S. Legends No. 1 is still available as a back issue for $5.00