Solitude Plain

By Marcus Pan

Welcome to my little place,
A place behind a stone.
Here I am the only face,
And this I call my home.

I'm safe here on this plain,
For I like to be alone.
Every day is the same,
In my home behind a stone.

A little cold though it may be,
But my thoughts keep me warm.
There's no one else here as you can see,
Nothing to raise alarm.

I have learned the less you show,
Of what you feel inside.
The less that others know,
The less they make you cry.

This lesson didn't come too fast,
It was one I had to learn.
Through all my trials in the past,
All the times that I've been burned.

So I've put on a graven mask,
And withdrew deep inside.
You'll get no answers so don't ask,
I'm safer when I hide.

So I'll sit alone right here,
And you just pass on by.
Do not worry, I'll shed no tears,
I've learned how not to cry.

I've built this place, strong and tall,
Of sorrow and of pain.
My tears are the glue that hold it all,
Welcome to Solitude Plain.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 45.