Hidden Balance

By Marcus Pan

Fate of the world, time of the test. The powers of dark and light trying to outdo the other. Neither succeeds, for there is a line...unbeknownst to most...a straight path. Many places on this road turn, twist and veer off...but always it returns to the middle. These turns are necessary for intervention on one side or the other, never letting either side gain the upper hand in the constant convalescent war. But they always return and walk the middle path.

Like the focusing fulcrum of nature that when one side begins to lean, it steps to the other to balance them. Yes, they are balances...of nature, earth and the multiverse. They protect the filament of time from being ripped by dominating forces. If one side were to rise higher, they pass to the other to counteract it...but they are only seen for a small time. A fleeting glance of a shadowy shade moving against higher powers. Have you ever seen one? Imagination? Nay...a balance. Setting things to rights, correcting the wrongs, upholding the laws and balancing the powers.

Most of the time they watch, keeping others in check. Unseen in the shadows, looking both ways from their center path. Watching waiting for their cue to jump in and fix a wrong. To wave their hands and make something magical happen. Contenders for power? Nay. Watcher of power? Aye. Keeping it in balance. Never taking credit. Stepping back when the eyes turn in their direction. They are the balances. The hidden balance. Dominus eternus graya. Long live the grey.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 46.