Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 2
"Legends of the Broken Lands"

By Marcus Pan

Between the great empires of the Principalities of Glantri and the Republic of Darokin, lies a strip of unclaimed land known simply as the Broken Lands. This jagged strip of magma and granite covered mountains is shrouded in mystery. Nobody claims to know for sure exactly what happened here. Some say the gods smote the land. Others say the earth took back what it wanted. Regardless of what happened, only two man-made items are left standing in this land.

The Broken Lands was once known as Gordonia. Run by two powerful men, a wizard and a lord, it was a strong country and fared well in the world. From Castle Skarda that overlooks the east side of the Broken River that runs it's twisted path through the land, it was guarded and run by a powerful lord. And from the Tower of Lancroft, about 20 miles downriver from the castle, the wizard used his powerful magicks to make life easier for the populace. From the surrounding mountains and lands they drew their wealth in the forms of gold, silver, platinum and precious gems. Skilled they were in working the metals they found and polishing the rough stones they brought from the ground. But many say they took too much from Mother Earth and she coughed up a storm.

The sky blackened with dust and soot as the earth opened and spit up all she had, covering the once great land in earth and rubble. Great fires belched from the depths of the cracks that opened in her flesh and all was destroyed. They say none escaped the wrath of the angered land. It took back what was hers and covered the land in a shell-like layer of magma, earth and rubble. Only the remains of the gutted Skarda's Castle stands, yet still it collapses and falls in upon itself giving only a fleeting glimpse of what was once ruling in this land. The Tower of Lancroft still stands, as it's magic is strong and towers above the land. But it, too, will diminish without a new master to take the place of the old one who resided here in the years before the Broken Cataclysm.

A single footpath, rarely trodden, runs through the Broken Lands. They say none should dare leave this path and travel from it. They say one's feet should guide one through quickly and without fail to the good lands beyond.

Gordonia, great land of praise,
Off shiny tops the sun doth glaze.
Ruled over by tow'r and home,
Across the land it's minions roam.
Riches drawn from earthy deep,
Treasure troves in mounds are steep.
Worked and polished by skillful hands,
Blazing fire like burning brand.
From Mother Earth they steal too much,
Greed and want now in their touch.
From the depths her fires did roar,
Scorching land the dust did pour.
Covered now in Mother's shell,
In Gordonia now no man dwells.
Protected from the stab of greed,
Pass these lands with all god-speed.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 5.