RPG Gaming

Critical Combat

By Marcus Pan

Critical CombatTo add a little more color into a combat scene, there is an added rule known as "Critical Hits and Misses." This rule is very simply to use.

On any to-hit roll, a 1 is automatically a miss. It is called a "critical miss" and could hurt a party. If the same members of a party are close together and melee combat is occurring, a critical miss could mean a character accidentally hit one of his allies. To determine whether this happened or not, another to-hit roll is necessary, against the ally's armor class. If a hit is rolled, that character was accidentally hit, and damage is then given. If missile weapons are used and there is a character in the range of the fired missile that is near the vicinity of where the missile was to strike, this critical miss may mean the ally was accidentally hit by that missile, and a to-hit roll is then applied as above.

On a to-hit roll of 20 (natural 20 without bonuses) a "critical hit" was made against whomever that character was currently attacking. If another to-hit roll against the victim's armor class indicates another hit, damage is rolled and DOUBLED due to the strength and skill of that hit (if a second 20 is rolled, triple damage is possible if a third to-hit roll shows the character hit the monster…this may continue as long as 20's are rolled). If the second hit roll does not indicate success, only normal damage ensues.