I hope you enjoyed the fiftieth issue of Legends. Actually, I hope you liked all fifty. That is, if you've been around all five years.

Bit of news, friends. Jaken Steele will be re-instated as assistant editor beginning in 51. Maybe he'll come up with the next "Last Warrior" chapter now.

As soon as you turn this page you'll come upon the Legends Compendium I promised you. Please note: back issues are available. [Editor's Note: Compendium not included in 2nd Edition - there is a full index/synopsis available upon request.]

In issue 51 we'll go back to Legends' roots with some gaming. And we'll have another piece by Shaft. It happens to be the last of his work I have, so I'm hoping he sends more.

Peace and fare thee well…

Marcus Pan
2/12/95 @ 2:14PM

The Wall