RPG Gaming

Character Aging

By Marcus Pan

Following is a checklist outline dealing with the natural aging of characters. The age categories in DMG p. 12-13 should be used, as well as the Diseases & Parasites tables on p. 13-14 (contractions and infections are checked only once a year unless special situations occur).

Any items carried are also subject to age. Each is assigned a % value that is checked every year (5%/2% starting for normal/magical items). Any that are rolled under the current % means that item is no longer usable for that character as it is worn out or used up.

As far as upkeep and yearly bills go, monthly fees are compounded at the end of each year instead of monthly. Any character owing over 10,000GP will be sought after for debtor's prison.


I. Raise current age by one

A. Check for new age category, if yes adjust abilities

II. Adjust weight

A. D%

1. 01% to 50% - lost 1D20 pounds

2. 51% to 100% - gained 1D20 pounds

III. Adjust height

A. D%

1. 01% to 50% - shrunk 1D6 inches

2. 51% to 100% - grew 1D6 inches

IV. Determine disease contraction and problems

V. Determine parasitic infection and problems

VI. Item aging

A. Raise remaining items 5% (2% if magical)

VII. Upkeep and bill payments

A. 1000 X (level)

1. Current debtors: debt X (D20%) for interest

NOTE: Debtors owing more than 10,000GP will be sought after for debtor's prison.