Editor's Notes

Happy FaceHeartWell, hello again everybody! I hope I didn't scare anybody when no issue of Legends came out last month. I took a month off. And now I've decided to do everything on computer (mostly). I was originally going to wait until I got a scanner for my PC, but I figured what the hell. I could at least see how it's going to look laid out on a system. So far so good, I guess. Hey, at least you could read it a lot easier than before.

This issue I am happy to say that Jaken Steele has come back as assistant editor of Legends. He drew up a cover of 51 for me, but when I moved everything over to electronic/desktop publishing I took only a few pieces of it with me. This issue we bring a full-page piece of art of his to you instead of the cover.

Oh, and about the cover. I hope it's not too bland and boring for you. I'll jazz it up as soon as I learn this layout software better. I've used this for printing many things, but nothing as large scale as Legends.

Well, enjoy the first computerized issue of Legends Magazine. I'll see you on the back page!


Marcus Pan
April 2, 1995