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The Path of Life

By Marcus Pan

Now, when one's perspectives are corrected and set straight one may see the path of life. Now, this path is meant to be straight and narrow, but many obstacles lie in one's path. Now depending on the situation at hand, this obstacle may be passed around with a slight deviation from the path, or it may have to be met head on (a fallen tree that can be easily avoided as opposed to a mountain that can only be transgressed by rough climbing and labor). But one must always return to the path. Turns, twists and forks in this road may lead one astray for a while, but they will all (eventually) lead back to the path.

Forks in the road...decisions in life...

You may come across forks in the road. Here a choice must be made. Consult all possibilities and choices wisely. A choice here will affect future choices and barriers and may have long-term disadvantages (or advantages) based on the road followed. Many times you will not be able to return nor remake this choice.

Vision obscured...future unknown...

The road dips and rises...your vision to look up the path will be severely limited due to the hills up ahead. Unable to see what's coming next, slow down if you need to. The man who rushes in impatience will run into something untransgressable. Take time to slow down or even pause. Take in and enjoy the landscape while you can. You can not tell when the next flowered vale will be reached.

But follow the path...the best you can.

The above essay is an excerpt from the Journal of Marcus Pan and was translated into the English alphabet here. This was entry 19, dated January 16th, 1992 at 12:36 AM. This is the first excerpt translated for other readers from the private Journal of Marcus Pan, but may not be the last.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 51.