Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Songs of Albinor No. 13
"Sagra Dakon"

By Marcus Pan

Glantri prince,
Mage of power,
Growing as all creatures cower.

Book of DakonCloak of gray,
Hooded face,
Greatest mage of human race.

Hidden atop,
Shining tower,
Black and dark like evil flower.

Small yet piercing,
Short of grace,
Lurking deep within this place.

Rising hands,
Crying chant,
Flames engaged in evil dance.

Magic tome,
Pow'rful book,
Writ in tongues, 'twas his work.

Magic undone,
Nay, he shan't,
Raise his hands nor begin chant.

He is gone,
His life Wilde took,
And for his tome all mages look.

Great Dakon what ailed you so?
Krandor Dakon where did you go?
Great Dakon 'twas thee a god?
Tower locked, thy book is gone.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 51.