Pan's Eye View - "Wanted: Submissions"

by Marcus Pan

I'm sure all my readers have noticed the drop in size in Legends since its "technological facelift." This is not due to a reduction in the articles and materials that go into each issue. It is attributed to the amount of space that was taken up on a page with hand-written versus printed text. This has not only dropped an issue's size considerably, but also has dropped the time required to create each issue. I hope the reduction in an issue's size does not bother some since what goes into each issue remains the same (and in some cases increases).

I have gotten nothing but positive feedback concerning the switch from hand-written issues to computerized issues. All readers seem to approve of the change in the magazine and accept it willingly. However, I seem to be going through more material each month trying to keep Legends as close to its original physical size as possible and I'm going to need help doing this. I need as much and as many contributions and submissions of articles, literature, poetry and artwork as possible. I have asked this many times both verbally and written in the magazine itself, but it seems that's not enough. I'm going to start naming names.

One of the people nearly as involved in the production of this little rag I call a magazine is a familiar name to many of you. Jaken Steele has been returned to Assistant Editor status on the magazine's staff and his contributions of artwork has been exceptional in recent months. His artwork has graced the pages of this magazine for a long time now and continues to do so. I am hoping to soon see the continuing saga of the Last Warrior which is long overdue as well as a new series readers can expect which will become a new department responsible for reviewing the latest (and not so latest) music to hit the gothic, industrial and metal scenes. So I hope to see both the Last Warrior and the music reviews soon, Jaken. And pencil some of your poetry when you find the time. I remember them being very good and we haven't had any in some time.

Another person you may have seen though not as often goes by the pen name of Shaft. His artwork appeared on a few covers as well as within the magazine, and you have read some of his poetry. I am hoping to receive more of his delusional, surrealistic works in both the poetic and artistic vein soon so please, Shaft, send more.

My newest contributor, Amanda Dailey, you will see in upcoming months with her first full page piece entitled "Killing Time." I am hoping to receive more work from her just as soon as she is capable of putting pencil to paper. I enjoy her work very much and you will too when it debuts in Legends. So keep sending things in, Amanda.

I also was hoping to expect some poetry from one person known as the Shrink. He keeps telling me he has been writing poetry for some time, so I am hoping this will get him to send some of it in for Legends.

That's all the names I can throw at you right now. It is very easy to get articles and artwork to me. One way is the all-too-popular snail mail (U.S. Post) system. Put some pages of art and/or literature in an envelope (both typed and handwritten accepted so long as it is readable) and mail it to Legends Magazine, 4500 Bordentown Ave., Suite 159, Sayreville, NJ, 08872. You can also mail a 3 ½" disk with your literature on it to the same address. The file should be a simple ASCII text file. Other ways to get your work to me include faxing it…page me first at (732) 777-4227 to have this done. And the third and final way to get your work to me is to send it over the Information Dirt Road to the Internet mail address Be sure to include a U.S. Post mail address to send you a copy of Legends in which your work appears.

So, let's see that work start pouring in people! Let's all help keep Legends alive. We can only go UP.