Well, this turned out to be a rather short issue. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed it. Still I ask anyone who can to submit something (art/literature) that I can print in here to do so. I am always in need of new writers and illustrators.

I wanted to take a moment to mention that a lot of the computerized art you saw in this issue was retrieved from various FTP servers worldwide via the Internet. I hope it's added a new dimension to the magazine and that you liked it. Let me know. I am always interested in feedback.

Next month there will be ONE article. However, this article is eleven pages long in condensed format so don't think it will be a short issue again. I am also debuting my newest artist, Amanda Dailey, who will bring her piece entitled "Killing Time" into Legends No. 54 as a full page illustration. So, now I'm going to throw the wall at you to end this issue.

See you next month!

Marcus Pan
6/25/95 @ 5:27PM

The Wall