Editor's Notes

Well, folks, welcome to yet another issue of Legends Magazine. This issue you can find within some more artwork by Ace as well as Jaken Steele. Humor abounds this issue so get a lifting belt or you might bust a gut.

This time Legends' theme is computers. So, first let me mention the three cyber-related articles you can find within. Ed Bott gives us an in-depth dictionary straight out of Microsoft-land. So if you've heard the terms but wanted to know exactly what the hell they mean, read it. Also Penn Jillette tells us exactly how he feels with the government's intervention onto the Internet. And, finally, Paul Somerson attempts to foretell the future of computer industries biggest giants, so hunker down, hit the power switch and ride off into the cyber-blue sunset.

With that out of the way, let me take a second to say hi to all the dopes at Quantex. Fred, who thinks long hair is what makes him cool (NOT). Daryl, who is over a QUARTER-CENTURY old. Marc M. who's going to soon get his ass kicked in Doom by yours truly. Andy, who keeps stealing my issues of PC Computing. Naresh, who has to STOP trying to play the stock market. Bill, with his quantum physics lectures. Lou, who SWEARS there are e-mail viruses. And anyone I might have missed. Enjoy the issue, see'ya on the back page and don't forget to speak Quantexability (grin).

Peace from your favorite, neighborhood CELTIC…

Marcus Pan