Well, folks, hit the end of another one. Up coming crap? Well, lessee. The Internet has been providing me with a TON of stuff to reprint and bring to the masses that are too cheap to get Internet access. Most notably of the great archive FTP servers is HYPERREAL.COM. So look forward to TONS of stuff I've siphoned off this great beast.

My first original writer via the Internet has begun to send me music articles. Derek McDonald can be expecting in the future with the complete Iron Maiden discography and other related articles. First noticed and contacted through Fido-Net, now through I-Net E-mail, he is beginning to send items of interest to me. Oh, by the way…he's in Canada so Legends will be crossing international borders. I figured I might as well corrupt the rest of North America while I was at it…

I'm hoping to receive the art promised to me by Marc M. of Quantex. And John Doremus was about to submit some artwork, but then withdrew it saying he would write something to go along with it. I haven't the foggiest what it could be, but it's sure to be interesting (he's quite interesting himself). Also, I'm hoping Steph will write down those Star Wars quotes (don't ask…he knows what I mean). I'd like to get Bill A. to put some of the things we talk about during lunch on paper, but he claims he's not a writer and I doubt I could get him to do it (I tried). Win some, lose some.

Well, I'm pretty much going to close it up and give you the wall now, so see you next month. Peace and fare thee well from your friendly, neighborhood Celtic…

Marcus Pan
July 15, 1995 @ 4:53AM

The Wall