Editor's Notes

HeartTons of articles pouring in these days, folks. Not as many originals as I'd like to see (where the hell Steele and others have been I dunno), but tons of stuff on topics from computers to drugs to music. This month we have a reprinted interview with one of my personal favorite people (ok, fine, he's my idol) who leads a gothic band that has achieved amazing popularity (mostly posers) in the last year or two with their album entitled "The Downward Spiral" and their gig at Woodstock '94 (one HELL of a party that was). Trent Reznor has been considered by many to be one of the strangest beings to walk the Earth in this day and age and I've loved his music since the debut of "Pretty Hate Machine" right on through "Broken" to today. I hope you enjoy the interview, reprinted from Details, as much as I have.

Also, we debut our newest artist whom I am hoping will make as much of an impression on you as it has on me. Amanda Dailey has honored me with a piece she calls "Killing Time" which graces a full page of this month's issue. I am looking forward to any more she might be able to send.

What else? Coming attractions include an entire issue of Legends dedicated to cannabis sativa. That's right…Legends reaches "new heights" (pun intended). And articles on related items as well. So sit back; relax, grab a beer and enjoy the summer. Mother must wake up and party sometimes too…enjoy it!


Marcus Pan