You've hit the end again. Doesn't that suck? Well, after 54 other issues you should be used to it by now anyway. So, re-read it if you can't wait for the next issue. I do have a life other than Legends you know! Jeez! What the hell you want me to do? Make it weekly? NOT! Uh…sorry about that. Had to vent. Ok. Here's something new:

Legends Magazine's World Wide Web Contest

In my unending efforts to get people to actually participate in this zine (boy, it's lonely here) I am running my first contest. This contest is open to all. What I want you to do is submit what you think is the best world wide web page or URL. The rules are as follows:

1) Print your name and address along with your favorite WWW page on a postcard, business card, piece of toilet paper (unused), whatever and mail it, e-mail it, fax it, hand it to me, or even page me and recite it over the phone (all the addresses, numbers and related information can be obtained on the credits page).
1) Only one entry per person. You have one chance to come up with what is, in your opinion, the best WWW page.
3) I am the sole judge of this contest and all decisions are final. Please note my interests, hobbies and sarcastic humor you've noticed in this magazine as it must be a page I (because I'm the editor) will enjoy (and the sarcastic ones who read this will enjoy).
4) Entries must be received by November 1st, 1995.
5) The top 5 will be printed in Legends No. 58, December, 1995.
6) Winners will receive the following:
#1: 6 months of Legends free
#2 - 3: 3 months of Legends free
#4 - 5: 1 month of Legends free
The address, by the way, is required to receive Legends via 1st class snail mail if you win.
7) Staffers of Legends Magazine and/or Inferno Publishing are ineligible to join this contest. This does not include occasional writers as they are considered freelance and are not staffed at Legends.
8) BE SURE TO GET THE PROPER URL/PAGE ADDRESS CORRECT!!! Those misprinted will be considered void. However, if you screw up and it voids an entry you are eligible to re-enter.

So, give it a shot. Go surfing. Hit the web, find something interesting, pass it along. Remember the key word: free!

Peace and fare thee well from your friendly, neighborhood Celtic!

Marcus Pan
September 3, 1995 @ 9:16AM