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Dragon Magazine Avenger

By Marcus Pan

I have been told often, especially after the printing in Legends Magazine*, that Dragon Magazine has already printed an avenger character class for the AD&D rules. I assure you, no matter how close my version of this class may be to the one in Dragon, that I have never seen this class before and was not aware of its existence until told by someone who read it in Legends. This version is my own and was not a reprint or copy/conversion of the Dragon version. It was completely devised by me while striving to create a character opposite of the paladin** for my campaign while unbeknownst to me there was already one devised. I am insulted by those who claim that I have only reprinted this as I have spent much time, effort and energy preparing and concocting my avenger character class.

* Issues 6 and 7.
** The laws of the multiverse claim that all has its opposite including "good." One opposite can not be defined without the understanding of the other and in considering the "good" paladin I felt inclined to create an opposite, "evil" class. Hence the avenger.