Editor's Notes

Welcome to yet another issue of Legends. This issue we have some interesting things (as usual). The excellent cross/rose combination you see on the cover is from Steele and we have some anonymous humor articles as well. The first ("What Am I") was e-mailed to me by Sprout and the second ("The Rules of Bedroom Golf") was actually faxed to the NFS office I used to work at. I don't know the original writers of either, but I hope you enjoy them.

As I write this I am cruising along the Internet newsgroups and downloading some new MOD files (isn't multitasking great?). You can expect to see more computer art and also some articles I got my hands on via the Internet.

I want to take a moment to address some complaints I have received from various readers. This complaint is in the area of fonts. Frankly, I've been told, I use too many of the damn things. Some people like the font changes, others don't. So, in the art of compromise, I will be using the same type of font for every article. I will no longer change fonts in the center of an article to save those that have been getting confused trying to read and coming upon a brand new font on every page.

Next month I will be running out some articles I received via the Internet on music groups of the gothic/industrial vein. Expect interviews with Sunscreem, Billy Idol and others, so see you on the back page and enjoy this issue.


Marcus Pan
Sunday, August 20, 1995 @ 5:36PM