Hope this issue was enjoyed. Sorry about skipping last month, but, hell, maybe if I got some help I wouldn't have to (ok, enough griping).

WWW Contest is well underway with submissions rolling in. Good thing, too. Without them I would've ended up quitting this magazine on the basis that it's not read. Would pretty much mean Legends was worthless so, fortunately so it seems, maybe it's not. Next month will probably be a fairly large issue with another music interview (Big Catholic Guilt), the most complete Iron Maiden Discography I've seen thus far, an essay from Neil of the Young Ones and more. Also, Legends will be crossing the America-Canada border next month as well, so that's pretty important (at least to me).

Well, that's all I have to say. See'yas all, here's the wall.

Peace and fare thee well from your friendly, neighborhood CELTIC…

Marcus Pan
October 23, 1995 @ 11:25PM

The Wall