Editor's Notes

Long time no talk. The dark hands of stress, illness and melancholy rested upon my shoulders last month and so this stretch of one month rolled by without an issue of Legends to proclaim it. Everything expected to appear in the October issue of Legends appears here, so nothing was missed.

This issue we bring you a number of music related articles. Interviews with Sunscreem, Skin Chamber and Billy Idol can be found. Coming soon will be the original interviews with Resist, Crash A.D. and D*Generation, so watch for those in the future.

About Legends' World Wide Web contest, submissions and entries are beginning to come in. I've extended the contest deadline to December 15th and will also accept up to three entries per reader. Those are the only changes. The winnings remain the same. Winners will be announced in the January issue of Legends. This will also be the first issue they receive as a winner.

I also wanted to take some time to address some of the Legends readers. At the distribution of an e-mail message to some readers asking what they wanted to see, the response was very good and rather heartening (maybe someone actually does read this thing besides me?).

BillA thinks Legends should go "Back to Basics" and do more RPG/D&D based articles considering that was its start. This month we have the latest Songs of Albinor within and you can expect more gaming rules, new monsters and more for the DMs and players out there. Harry and DKS both want more Internet and WWW lists. With the introduction of this contest we will get plenty and to fend the two of you off try these two:

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Games Domain

HeartHarry would also like to see more "tits and ass" like Fred, but I have no intention of turning Legends into the Hustler Underground. DKS also mentioned he would like original music interviews which, as stated above, are coming. Jason and Fred would like to see some "hack shit" and that is something that won't happen either as I have enough trouble with some of the other things I print. So that's it. Enjoy the issue and hope you didn't miss me too much…

Marcus Pan
Wednesday, October 18, 1995 @ 12:28AM