The Iron Maiden Discography

By Derek McDonald

Ok as stated earlier, as more information becomes available to update the Iron Maiden Discography I will update the information. Plenty of new data has flowed through the pipelines and the results of that data is reflected below.

This list is by NO means complete. Please feel free to notify me of additions, corrections or deletions that are necessary because the goal here is to create a complete discography. Facts only please. If you are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt about an item I have not listed or needs correction then let me know. The updated list will be published when complete.

I am a big fan of Iron Maiden. I like all metal, in general, but Maiden strikes a special note (no pun intended) with me. Their sound is legendary and classic NWOBHM style. A Maiden song can be recognized a million kilometers away. Iron Maiden came to be one of the biggest rock groups of the 1980's and their sound continues today. If it wasn't for the sound that Iron Maiden and groups like them produced heavy metal would have died back in its 'dinosaur' days, the dreaded 1970's!

Probably every heavy metal fan knows of Maiden. As a group they produced very little junk during their career and as a result became a marketing engine, a sound that was classic, bold, LOUD, standardized and marketable to a wide audience. This high standard is reflected in the wide range of topics to which they have sung about, the sheer number of fans and their imagination in producing items of memorabilia.

So, this leads me to this discography. I am a record collector of metal, in particular Iron Maiden. This list was compiled by myself so I could keep a record of what I have and need for my collection. When word got out about this project people began contributing their notations and collections and soon what started as a 'selfish' attempt ended off being a public help kit. So, here it is. It is intended for collectors, but maybe we can get some new fans in the process. Up the Irons!

Here's how to read this data:

The following letters/symbols represent recorded format descriptions:

Word/Symbols Format

Word/Symbols				Format

Vinyl						- Plastic (Vinyl) recording.

Picture Disc					- Pictured Vinyl recording.

Gatefold Sleeve Vinyl			- Vinyl recording packaged in a folding sleeve.

Cassette					- Magnetic Tape recording.

CD						- Compact Disc recording.