HeartHoly shit, this turned out to be a long issue. Fifty pages. That's damn impressive. This is most definitely the biggest issue in Legends' history and I'm proud of it, goddamn it, freaking proud. Well, next month it gets interesting, so…

Next issue is the drug special. To put it simple, let's just say you can find some excellent articles on various "non-prescription medications." That's right, children, we have nothing but drug related topics. Recipes for brownies, hash and difference between species of shrooms. How to best create and utilize a bong and the "Marijuana Smoking Guide." The unchecked version of the "Smoking Etiquette" guide (yes, we have etiquette) that Miss Manners herself would be proud of. So, roll one and wait for January (time always flies when you're stoned).

Peace and fare thee well from everyone's friendly, neighborhood Celtic…

Marcus Pan
November 24, 1995 @ 6:10AM

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