Editor's Notes

Welcome again to another issue. Oh, merry Christmas or whatever, too. I understand it's a really big promotional and economical deal to some of you out there. Seems to me the only ones who benefit, however, are the stores, but then again who am I to say? I'm just some misinformed, sociologically outcasted Celtic.

It's early in the morning, I have to be at work in five hours and I can't sleep. So what does a guy do when I can't sleep? He writes a magazine. Go figure (sigh). The whole world is sick and crabby around now, too, but at least Mother is finally sleeping peacefully and soundly. Looks like it's going to be a harsh Winter. I've seen two examples of snow, though extremely light, but snow nonetheless already.

I have some good and productive news however. Before writing this I've fiddled with some test pages of the soon-to-be-coming Legends WWW page. However, I have yet to decipher the wonderfully cryptic language of URL's and the like. But the HTML is coming along fairly nicely. The test pages are rolling out. They look kind of shabby however (boy are they going to suck), but hey it's a starting point. For those that have seen (or remember) the first issue of Legends, that sucked too. Now it only partly sucks.

Some more good news. I want to take a few moments to laugh at some of my peers at work still using a system with under 16MB of RAM (hearty, guttural, annoying laugh…if this were a web page you could download the WAV). The wonderfully state-of-the-art Legends office has upgraded to 20MB of RAM and the new VL-BUS 32BIT EIDE controller card should be here soon. I also added the Altec Lansing ACS31 speakers, too, but that was for boom boom purposes, not actually business-related in any way (all work and no play makes Pan a pain in the ass). And if you actually read and understood this paragraph I have bad news for you. You, like me, are a full and total computer geek. Have a nice day…:)

In this issue we have another reprinted music interview with the likes of Big Catholic Guilt (in honor of Christmas…hahaha). And in case it actually interested anyone other than me and Steele, we also have the full Iron Maiden Discography compiled by Derek McDonald. There's other humorous stuff as well so take a look. From the looks of things it may be a fairly large issue.

And, lastly, I want to take a moment to apologize to Harry who has the unfortunate plight of sitting next to me at work later today. Chances are I'm going to be a crab. So sorry, Harry, in advance for being an oversized penis.

Marcus Pan
November 20, 1995 @ 4:13AM