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The Dual-Chambered, Hot-Cold Bong

By Anonymous

In the interests of making marijuana use a little bit safer, to prove that use does not automatically equate to lung cancer, here is a method that bears attention.

Basically, the principle goes like this: Most of the carcinogens in marijuana smoke are water-soluble. THC is not. Therefore, the bong was invented to remove carcinogens and to cool the smoke. However, warm to hot water does tend to remove more carcinogens than does cold water so using hot water would seem to make the smoke much safer to breathe (and still avoid lung cancer), except that the point of cooling the smoke is lost.

Thus, the Dual-Chambered Bong was designed to remove carcinogens as well as cool the smoke for inhalation. Basically, the first, hot chamber is filled to the brim with water and beneath it is placed some form of heating unit (or inside it, or whatever can be done to keep it hot). Next, a short distance away, the second, cold chamber is placed with some way of keeping the area the smoke passes through really cold (such as: cold water with ice packs around the chamber; ice packed around a coiled tube; liquid nitrogen or dry ice poured/piled around the coiled tube; cold water in the chamber with cold water being pumped around the outside through a tube coiled around the chamber; etc.) to cool the smoke. Then you keep the marijuana in the bowl lit by your favorite method and treat it like an ordinary bong. Since this apparatus is fairly complex it is suggested that you disguise or have disguised the D-C Bong as some form of dualistic statuary (such as a couple kissing where the point at which their lips meet is the link between the two chambers) to prevent police busts from wasting your investment on materials and design.