Editor's Notes

HeartYup, another year of Legends. Well what will they think of next? As read on this cover, you hold the Drug Special in your hands and, while it may alienate some, I hope I don't get too bitched at for it. After all, some of my readers just happen to be into this stuff and some sites I've visited on the Net just happen to have related articles and I just happened to compile some of the best and Legends just happened to end up with it. Fortunately, you just happened to be reading it so enjoy.

Legends Online can now be found on the World Wide Web, so point your browsers to (or to get right to Legends Online) and check it out. In the past two weeks it's accumulated over 175 hits with only little advertisement, so don't be left in the proverbial cold. Things change on a radical basis (kind of like life) and one user described it as "Being stuck in the set of a B-rated horror flick," which is just the reaction I was going for. Other reactions ranged into the stratosphere (some suggested I seek professional help), but hell, it's all in fun.

The World Wide Web Contest winners can expect this to be their first issue, so congratulations if you pulled this out of your mailbox. You can see the winners and WWW sites submitted inside.

Finally, I will be gearing Legends back to its fantasy days, including game playing, so expect there to be more Albinor Chronicles and (hopefully) The Last Warrior chapters in the coming months. One last thing:

Hey MixmasteR -X-…Where's my cover?!?!?!

Ok. Sit back, relax, roll a joint (if it works for you) and read on…

December 29, 1995 @ 10:04PM